Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1.Which are the preferred injection sites for Wepox Pen?
Ans. Wepox can be administered in the upper arm, stomach, thigh area or buttocks.
Q 2.Should the dose be taken before or after dialysis?
Ans. The dose should always be taken after your Dialysis session.
Q 3.How often should I change the needle?
Ans. The Needle should preferably be disposed after using it once .
Q 4.Are the Pen device and cartridge disposable?
Ans. Wepox Pen is a reusable device and should not be disposed. The multidose cartridge should be discarded within 60 days after first dose withdrawal.
Q 5.How should I store the cartridge?
Ans. The pen device along with the cartridge should be stored in your refrigerator with the temperature range 2-8 degree Celsius. They should be stored in the middle or upper shelf of refrigerator. Do not store Wepox in any section of the freezer or the tray below it.
Q 6.Are there any extra precautions to consider for storage of Wepox Pen and Cartridge?
Ans. Wepox cartridges should not be shaken, frozen or exposed to light. Maintain the ideal temperature conditions. Do not keep it back into the Wepox Pen kit. Always keep the cap on the pen to protect the medicine inside it from light. Do not roll or rub the pen in between your palms before administration or any other time. Rough handling or misuse could cause inaccurate dosing.
Q 7.Should I take my next dose immediately after removing the device from the refrigerator?
Ans. You should wait for 4-5 minutes after taking it out from the refrigerator.
Q 8.How can I use Wepox Pen while travelling?
Ans. The Wepox Pen Kit is provided with Freezol packs. Keep the freezols in the deep freeze for at least for 48 hours before use .They will also be useful in case of Power Failure. While travelling make sure that the pen with cartridge is stored in between the freezol packs. The freezol packs will ensure the maintenance of its efficacy for 8-10 hours.
Q 9.Where can I get Wepox Pen and Cartridge?
Ans. You can contact Wockhardt through "Contact Us" tab on this website. We will support and arrange for your purchase.
Q 10.How should I clean my Wepox Pen?
Ans. You can clean the pen with a wet cloth. Do not immerse it in water as it may damage the pen. Try not to expose your pen to dust, dirt or liquid.
Do not clean your pen with any solution containing alcohol, iodine or any detergent.
Q 11.What to do if I miss a dose?
Ans. if you miss your dose, call your doctor right away and ask what to do. Doses that have been missed should be replaced at the earliest possible opportunity. To get reminders of your routine doses, you can seek help of ‘ MedRemind’ tab located under resource library.
Q 12.Should I shake Wepox pen before injecting?
Ans. No. Wepox Pen should never be shaken.
Q 13.What to do if my pen gets damaged?
Ans. Wepox Pen comes with a lifetime warranty. Any accidental damage or defect will be immediately replaced.
Q 14.Can I use Wepox Pen with I.V line used for my dialysis?
Ans. No. Wepox cartridge fitted in Wepox pen devices has to be injected by S.C. route only.
Q 15.Can I refill the same cartridge?
Ans. No. Do not refill the Wepox cartridge. Discard cartridge within 60 days after first dose withdrawal. Remove it carefully from the cartridge holder and replace it with a new one for your next dose requirement. Throw the used cartridge into the dustbin
Q 16.Can I use Wepox Cartridge with any other device?
Ans. Wepox cartridges should be used with Wepox Pen Only. Do not substitute it with any other device.