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Among the sterling highlights of the year 2001 was the introduction of Wepox. Years of research by the country’s finest scientists culminated in the manufacture of a life saving brand, Wepox which has come to be one of the front ranking achievements of Wockhardt in India. Wepox, the pride of India has successfully completed over 15 years of its presence. It has made a name not only in India but also in various other parts of the world.

  • When kidneys are damaged, they do not make enough Erythropoietin causing few red blood cells to be produced, leading to a condition called Anemia.

RBCs are responsible for transportation of oxygen throughout the body.

Erythropoietin is a hormone produced by kidneys that stimulate Red Blood Cells (RBC) production.

  • Wepox is the 1st indigenously manufactured brand of Erythropoietin in India. Its recombinant Human Erythropoietin component is used to regulate the production of red blood cells in Kidney disease patients.
  • It contains Recombinant Human Erythropoietin, Human Serum Albumin as stabilizer, Phosphate buffer and Benzyl Alcohol as preservative.
  • It offers the biggest dosage range to cater to the various needs of patients, while our Wepox Pen is a marvel in its own that offers excellent convenience and compliance to patients.

The success that Wepox has achieved from being the 1st indigenously manufactured brand of Erythropoietin in India to a brand that has the leadership position in the market today has been built on a promise that the quality of the product always has and always will remain the foremost priority and that Wepox will continuously evolve to suit Doctors' and Indian patients' needs.

About Wepox Safe

  • Wepox Safe is Pre-filled syringe with Safety mechanism which uses SEAL technology (Safety Engineered Auto locking)
  • Wepox Safe provides safety against NSIs (Needle Stick Injuries)

Needle gets locked automatically after 100% dose has been delivered.

Before Injection

After Injection

About Wepox Pen

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